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Dust Studio July releases

Dust Studio have posted details of their July releases for Dust Tactics. Allied Landing Craft From their announcement:
Hi everyone, we have several new items this month. Our scenery range is expanding with two new releases:
  • the small Ammo Dump takes one space on the battlefield. It blocks Lines of Sight and movement. It's made of a resin base and 8 US plastic crates.
  • the large Ammo Dump is the big brother. It also blocks Lines of Sight and movement but on two spaces. It's made of a large resin base and 12 US plastic crates.
Both these items are in our Dust Tactics Scenery range. The "Otto" is now available in the Dust-48 Deluxe range. As usual it's already assembled and painted. You can enjoy the model right away. And the big news, we know a lot of you have waited for this: the Allied Landing Craft is here. Whether you decide to storm the Normandy beaches, a Pacific island or go fishing for Axis in the Antarctica waters, your troops will be carried safely. The Allied Landing Craft is a massive model made of resin and plastic. Please note that the two machine gunners are included.