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Dust Studio introduces Anastyr

Dust Studio announces their newest project: Anastyr.

From the announcement:

A line of beautifully crafted 32mm miniatures, coming to you as high quality, individually checked resin casts to offer the absolutely best painting experience possible.

In the days between the fall of Atlantis and the great flood that would cover the entire world, conflict brews in the lush jungles and steaming swamps that someday would be the Mediterranean Sea. Six great tribes of dragons have settled in this fertile valley, each ruling a kingdom of mortal followers. Inevitably, tensions rise between them as they plot for control of the world. From the North, the humans worship the mighty Red Dragon who sleeps in the heart of the Great Volcano. To the South, in the deepest parts of the Undermountain, Anastyr - the Queen of All Black Dragons - lies brooding. This is their time, a time of Legend and Raw Magic Powers, a time of epic adventure: when the Dragons of Anastyr rule the Earth!