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Dust-Devils Releases Dust Warfare D-48 Unit Rules and Stat Cards

Dust-Devils has created rules for several models from the Dust line that hadn't had stats before and have posted up the stat cards on their website.


From the update:

Over the years there have been many exciting releases from Dust-Models that never got official rules for use in Dust warfare. These models are known as the D-48 range and finally the wait is over with the release of the first Dust Warfare Appendix: D-48 Units.

On you will find card images for units from the D-48 range like the Barking Dog and Otto. Detailed rules and platoon dispatch information for each unit can be found in the Dust Warfare Appendix: Volume I.

If this release proves popular then more models will have their rules released in the form of a future volume of the Dust warfare Appendix. Let us know if you want more models from the D-48 Units to be given Dust Warfare rules on our Forum.