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Dust Day Arizona 2012 Update

Vul-Con posts update information for Dust Day Arizona 2012:

From their post:

The team at Phoenix Vul-Con 2012 posted an update regarding Dust Day Arizona 2012, which will be held Saturday February 25th at the convention located at the Phoenix Convention Center. Dust Day will include a broad range of Weird WWII and Traditional WWII Tabletop Gaming, including Dust Tactics, Flames of War (Shifting Sands 2012 Duel in the Desert hosted by the Arizona Desert Rats), B-17 Queen of the Skies redesigned from a solo game to a multi-player cooperative, Savage Weird War II, and Dust Warfare (if it is available in time). It will also showcase costumed characters, including several Dust Girls wielding full scale model weapons.

The update focuses in on the use of the 1947 SCRT-147-X REMOTE FIELD COMMANDER as a means of Skyping in virtual guests Paolo Parente and Andy Chambers to the play area, so they can interact with the players. It will also be used for the players to receive their orders for the Dust scenarios.

Dust Day Arizona 2012 promises to be an exciting part of Phoenix Vul-Con 2012 and more information can be found at their web site