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Dust Adventures Core RPG Book Now Available To Download

The world of DUST is ripe for all sorts of gaming potential. There's the couple miniatures games with which you can play out the conflicts of a 2nd World War that's raged on for over a decade. Added to that, alien technology has made all sorts of new things possible. Walking tanks. Laser weapons. Rocket troopers. The capacity for destruction is almost limitless. Now you can go down into the game system, itself, and become a part of it with the DUST Adventures RPG, now available from Modiphius.

This core rulebook has everything you need to get playing. There's rules for creating characters, guidance on how to run a campaign, rules for using the DUST dice (or just regular D6s, if you prefer), and even rules for how to incorporate the aforementioned marvelous vehicles into your campaigns. Plus, there's tons of new information about the DUST universe that's never been published elsewhere. To get you going, there's even an introductory adventure.

The pdf is available for purchase and download now.