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Dunger Derby now available from Impact!

Impact! Miniatures are now selling copies of the Dunger Derby boardgame. Dunger Derby From their announcement:
Impact! is pleased to release Dunger Derby the Board Game. Following up on a successful launch at Gencon 2011, the wild pig racing game is now available in their webstore. This family game involves racing your Dunger around the track with the first one to cross all four gates winning. Chaos ensues shortly after the starting whistle as Dungers are dumb and wildly unpredictable. To make it worse, you can add traps to catapult them around the track, make them fall in pits, zap to make them run further and other zany ways to add to the mayhem and fun. The game includes a 13”x19” color racing map, 5 resin Dunger miniatures in different colors, a set of traps, one-page rule sheet, and 2 dice. The game retails for only $15. You can find the game at the Impact webstore.