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Dungeons & Dragons Returns to Ravenloft

Bleh! Bleh! I vant to suck your blooood! Bleh! Bleh!
Even if you've not played there, or even played Dungeons & Dragons at all, if you've been around geeks and geek culture, you know the names Ravenloft and Strahd. They've become part of the general lexicon, a bit of knowledge just about every gamer picks up at some point in time or another. Well, a new Dungeons & Dragons adventure has been announced for 5th Edition. It's the Curse of Strahd, and you might want to be thinking about getting a better gorget.


This new adventure is written by Tracy and Laura Hickman, who did the original Castle Ravenloft adventure published in 1983. Will your characters be able to stand up to the awesome, vampiric power of Strahd von Zarovich in his castle in Barovia? Or will you fall victim to either him, or the countless other ghoulish abominations that roam that dark and twisted land?

“Revisiting the land of Barovia with the creators of the original Ravenloft adventure has been a highlight of my professional career,” said Chris Perkins, principal story designer at Wizards of the Coast. “Tracy and Laura Hickman created a timeless villain whose faults reflect the darkest traits of humanity. I can't begin to describe what it's like to walk through the halls of Castle Ravenloft with its creators as your guides.”

Expect this new adventure to hit store shelves March 15th.