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Dungeons & Dragons Now Available on Steam

Fantasy Grounds is now letting you play Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition online. They've got new, officially licensed, D&D modules available on Steam. The first products available are the Complete Core Class Pack, the Complete Core Monster Pack, and The Lost Mine of Phandelver. The system includes all official artwork and maps from the physical release of those books. Now, you don't have to let the constraint of physical distance keep you from gaming with your friends.

From the announcement:

We are proud to announce that we are officially licensed to sell D&D source material and content inside of Fantasy Grounds! This is the beginning of a great new partnership between SmiteWorks and Wizards of the Coast that will benefit gamers worldwide.

You can purchase the D&D Complete Core Class Pack with all the class, feats, spells and equipment or you can purchase individual classes only. You can also buy the monsters in packs or as the D&D Complete Core Monster Pack. These products have been converted to work really tightly with Fantasy Grounds to give you the best possible gaming experience - we know you're going to love them. They contain all the great artwork and content from the official products and all the smarts and integration to work with Fantasy Grounds. Not only will you get the same content that can be found in print, but you also get an exciting new Fifth Edition theme, adventures and content customized specifically for ease of play inside of Fantasy Grounds.

For Dungeon Masters and players on a budget, you might pick up a Player Customization Pack and one or two Class Packs of your choice. Dungeon Masters can often get by with just the Adventure of their choice and one or two Monster Packs.