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DungeonQuest Revised Edition Is Now Available

Fantasy Flight Games has released their new, revised edition, DungeonQuest game over in their webshop (and at fine game retailers near you).



From the release:

DungeonQuest Revised Edition is now available at your local retailer!

In DungeonQuest Revised Edition, players take on the roles of heroes who descend into Dragonfire Dungeon searching for loot and adventure. As you make your way through the dungeon’s winding corridors and haunted catacombs towards the treasure chamber, you’ll have to fight monsters, dodge boobytraps, creep past a slumbering dragon, grab some loot, and make it out alive before the sun sets and the doors to the dungeon are sealed, imprisoning anyone remaining inside forever. Whoever emerges with the most valuable treasure– or whoever manages to survive– wins the game.