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Dungeonous Fantasy RPG Available Now

The inhuman servants of the old gods have been waiting, patiently and silently, for their chance to once more summon their deities to the mortal realm and usher in... well... a lot of bad stuff (well, anyone that's not a cultist would probably think it'd be bad stuff). Heroes of all types from all over the world have taken on the task of rooting out the cult and stopping their rituals. You're one of those heroes as you play Dungeonous, a new fantasy RPG from New Realms Publishing.


The rules are designed to be quick and easy, allowing for "classic" play where you've got a GM and various players. Or you can even go in full-cooperative. Heck, there's even solo rules. So pretty much whatever you're in the mood for, Dungeonous can accommodate. Each of the pre-made characters has unique level bonuses and strategies, special equipment, and spells. All you need are some D6s and you're ready to go.