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Dungeon Saga Now Available From Mantic Games

Mantic is pleased to announce that Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King's Quest is now available. It's also out of stock. Well... sorta. They don't have any more sets, themselves, in their webshop (though they're getting more in sometime in January, and pre-orders are up for that). However, there are sets available at fine gaming retailers near you (probably near you, anyway).


Dungeons. They're just chock full of adventure to be had. This particular one is also chock full of undead. You and your fellow adventurers must work together to clear them out. The game has a character-driven storyline to keep you constantly in on the adventure. Interested, but don't want to have to put together dozens of figures? Well, don't worry, since these are already assembled in colored plastic so you can tell one from another.