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Dungeon Mini Tablet Board Game Up On Kickstarter

As time progresses, technology and board games are becoming more and more integrated. We have games that have companion apps that help make running the game easier. Then there are those that are crucial to playing the game in the first place. Dungeon Mini takes that another step forward and uses your tablet as the game surface upon which you'll actually play the game. It's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Via proprietary technology, your energy is transmitted to your mini figurine in dungeon crawling levels that play out on your mobile table screen from a top-down perspective. Want to take out that goblin? Simply rotate your figure so your dwarf swings his ax to strike him down! Want to jump a chasm? Briefly lift your figurine so he jumps across safely!

Dungeon Mini is a tribute to role-playing games and traditional board games such as Dungeons & Dragons, RuneQuest, Warhammer, Talisman and Dungeon Quest. Our game is a declaration of love to the best heroic fantasy adventures. We were also inspired by interactive "choose your adventure" books of our childhood as well as dungeon crawling video games like Dungeon Master, Wizardry, Ultima Underworld and Gauntlet.

Dungeon Mini offers a heroic adventure that everyone, young or old, can join. You can even hand paint your figurines to personalize your heroes!

The Kickstarter just launched and is set to go for another 32 days.