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Dungeon Crusade RPG Board Game Up On Kickstarter

My D&D group is meeting again this weekend. It's the first time we've met in... oh... about 7 months. It's just been difficult to get everyone together to play lately. Well, if you've got a game like Dungeon Crusade, you can have the experience of playing an RPG, but you don't have to have every player there all the time. Dungeon Crusade is a new sandbox RPG board game that draws inspiration from classic dungeon crawl board games and RPGs, but blends in new gaming mechanics.

In the game, players take on the role of 6 adventurers (and their trusty fetch-hound). They must head into the dungeons and caverns below town in order to find treasure (because that's what adventurers do). Each time they head down, they'll have a specific task at hand. However, side-quests can be picked up at the tavern. This can net you some extra gold which you can turn into extra gear later on. Being a dungeon, though, you must beware of wondering monsters. Worse is if the wandering monsters turn into raiding monsters, bent on getting up to the surface and causing havoc in the town (you really don't want that to happen). Finish your tasks successfully and the town will throw you a banquet and bestow lavish gifts upon you. The game is cooperative, so no need to worry about one person being singled out to play all the bad guys.

The campaign is up and running now. They're a good ways to their goal with still 32 days left on the clock.