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Dungeon Crate – A New RPG-Based Subscription Box Service Coming Soon

While I'm not a subscriber to any of them, several people here in the office are part of various "subscription box" services. ES, next to me, has both a comic book one and a snacks one. Spencer and Jared, I'm pretty sure, are part of various collectible toy ones. For those that don't know, services like those will send you a box with random goodies (generally adhering to a certain theme) every month. Well, Dungeon Crate will be a subscription box service for tabletop gamers.

Currently in pre-launch, the first shipments are looking to be sent out around March. Before then, you can sign up for the newsletter to let you know when full registration will go live (which will be sometime in February). You'll want to be quick, though, because the first box will be limited to 200 subscribers. The boxes will contain game accessories, as well as some other "geeky items" to show off your nerd-side to others.