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Duelga - A New Martial Arts Based Dueling Card Game

Duelga is a new martial-arts based dueling card game. They're up on Kickstarter and looking for some funding now.


From the campaign:

Duelga blends the physicality of martial arts combat with the strategy of a card game. Choose a duelist, pick your styles, and weapon then build your 20 card deck from the over 60 unique cards in our core set. Command your duelist in 1 v 1, 1 v 2, or 2 v 2 duels to the death.

The core set comes with 8 unique duelists, 25 styles, 12 weapons, and 256 total cards. The game can be enjoyed by all levels of players ages 12 and up. Customizable decks allow for complex or straight forward gameplay. We even supply a list of stock decks to get you started.