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Dual Kickstarter Update from Acheson Creations: American Frontier & Super Robot StratoMaxx

Acheson Creations has posted up some photos of the unassembled guide for their Super Robot Stratomaxx model on their Kickstarter page for that. They've also updated the progress of their American Frontier terrain Kickstarter.


From the update:

Hello and thank you for supporting this Kickstarter! We're at $990.00 with 22 days to go... 1/3 of the way to our goal!

There have been a few emails that have come in asking how the components for Super Robot StratoMaxx breakdown so I wanted to take this opportunity to share these two illustrations by Cline A. Siegenthaler ( with you!

StratoMaxx "unassembled" shows the head, torso, two arms, two fists, pelvis, two legs, two feet, and the jetpack. Each is a separate piece, handcrafted from wood and apoxie sculpt, and will be cast in an extremely durable urethane resin.StratoMaxx assembled! He stands 13 inches tall, is 7 inches wide at the tips of his wings, and comes with a 6 inch diameter integral terrain base for display or game play.

Hopefully this has been informative. Please spread the word and help us get funded so everyone can have a Super Robot StratoMaxx in their collection!

We’re excited to announce that rewards for our American Frontier Kickstarter that ended on June 2nd are continuing to ship daily and that we've almost cleared the decks!

We’re also excited to announce that our online Thank You page is now available for all the world to see!

Thank you for contributing to our American Frontier Kickstarter!

In addition, everyone who pledged at the Killer Whale level ($215) or higher is automatically enrolled in our 14/7 Club through December 31, 2014 and should have received an email with activation information. Let me know if you did not get this info! 14/7 Club Membership details can be found on our homepage.