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Drudge RPG Core Rulebook Now Available

It's not uncommon to find setting books for RPGs that don't have a system associated with them. If it's a Fantasy setting, you can use it with any Fantasy RPG you might be playing. Same with Sci-Fi or Steampunk or whatever. Well, Drudge is the reverse of that. It's a new system of core RPG rules that doesn't have a setting associated with it. Want to play a sci-fi game? You can use Drudge. Want a Fantasy game? You can use Drudge. Want a game set entirely within a loaf of bread? You can use Drudge (probably, I guess... but I would like to hear more about this bread-based RPG setting of yours...).


The core rulebook is now available in pdf for your downloading and reading pleasure. The system is designed to use 6-sided dice, be easy to learn, and quick to teach, with a dynamic skill system. There's even rules for group-designing your characters, to give them a bit more of a cohesive feeling. The combat system is made so battles are quick and decisive, so you can get back to actually roleplaying, instead of just rollplaying.