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Dropship Horizon under new management

Mark might be gone but the Dropship Horizon site has a new team of writers and editors working on it. From their website:
The sci-fi wargame & blogging community was left in shock last Wednesday following the unexpected announcement by Mark - that he would no longer continue to update this popular blog. For the last three years Dropship Horizon has been the go-to source for news and information about 15mm science fiction gaming and miniatures for fans, bloggers, and manufacturers alike. Mark's departure creates a void that is difficult to fill, but a few committed bloggers within the 15mm sci-fi community are determined to do just that. With the blessing and encouragement of Mark, we have signed on as the new crew of Dropship Horizon. This crew is composed of no less than seven primary contributors from all corners of the Earth, so we hope to provide a wide variety of future posts. Our goal is to uphold Mark’s excellent reputation as a resource dedicated to 15mm science-fiction wargaming. Expect news, reviews, tutorials, interviews and useful links to blogs, manufacturers, publishers and gaming resources. We sincerely hope that you choose to stay on board as we continue the journey of Dropship Horizon.