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Drinkuisition Party Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Gamers, in my experience, are people who enjoy their booze. They also, in my experience, tend to have lots of obscure trivia floating around in their heads. Drinkuisition brings those two concepts together in a new party card game. Players will draw cards and have to answer questions that seem like things many people should know, and you probably do know it. But do you still know it after having a couple pints? That's the real question. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Drinkuisition tests players' knowledge on a variety of subjects. We all keep vast amounts of so-called "useless" information in our brains. So what happens when those tidbits of general knowledge and trivia start swimming in a sea of booze? That's Drinkuisition. When the beer (or wine, cider, cocktails etc.) starts flowing the fun really begins and your evening takes shape. The questions involved are ones that have been hand picked over a two year process. These are not obscure questions that players would never know the answer to; on the contrary the question involved are ones that everyone should be familiar with at some capacity. Here's the kicker, although the questions may sound familiar to you, players quickly realize that they have trouble re-calling the answer when put on the spot. Most questions will leave players thinking "Oh, I know this but I can't think of the answer." We have found this to be the biggest contributing factor with players who end up playing for hours. They cannot put it down. Here are some examples of the types of common knowledge questions you can expect from Drinkuisition "What does VHS stand for?" or "How many colors make up a rainbow?" There are people who have used VHS tapes for 10+ years that still don't know what this widely known acronym stands for. I watched movies on VHS as a kid and never knew what VHS meant until I started creating Drinkuisition. In the trivia category the questions are a little more obscure than the common knowledge deck, but players will still find them familiar. Some examples of trivia questions would be "What is Rambo's first name?" or "Which nationality was Adolf Hitler?" (Hint: He wasn't German.) These are the types of questions we wanted to include. There are also fun facts and optional bonus questions on every single card. If you're a fan of other party based card games, enjoy trivia night at your local pub, or just like having a few drinks with friends, then you'll love Drinkuisition. Whether you drink a little, a lot or not at all; everyone can play and have a ton of fun.

Gamers tend to be drinkers and we all know how popular trivia is. Trivia night at bars across the USA are extremely popular and are held on a weekly basis. We offer a version of those hosted trivia nights in the form of Drinkuisition. Bring the trivia night and the booze home with you, to a friends house or even to your favorite bar that does not regularly host a trivia night.

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now. It's set to go for another 41 days.