Drinking Quest: Journey into Draught Up On Kickstarter

Gamers, so I've found, are also pretty hearty drinkers. Throw some beer or Kraken Rum at them (not, like, at their heads or anything, but like a gentle toss) and they're gonna be happy. So it's only natural that drinking and gaming would end up coming together. One such game that's had quite a long life is Drinking Quest. Well, a new Drinking Quest project, Journey into Draught, is up on Kickstarter now.

This is Drinking Quest to a level not seen before. It's everything you love about the game, but with just lots more of it. For example, there's usually just one artist working on the game. Well, this time they went out and got 10. There's 50% more content than previous version, since there's 6 quests instead of just 4.

Haven't been part of Drinking Quest before? Well, every pledge level where you get a physical piece of the game you also get a pdf of the Drinking Quest: Trilogy Edition to get you caught up.

The campaign's closing in on 5x funded (see "gamers are hearty drinkers" above) and still has 21 days left to go.

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