DreamSpirit Wargames Releases Quantum Harvester Gaming Board

By Polar_Bear
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Jul 10th, 2013

DreamSpirit Wargames has another of their gaming boards available with the arrival of their new Quantum Harvester board.

From the release:

Hello, we just released our latest gaming board and terrain set for 40k, with a Necrons theme. Enjoy 😉

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  • Soulfinger

    I’m missing something. Is that $400 for a black board with green symbols spray painted onto it? Even if the terrain pieces are included, there is something very wrong with you if you can’t make all that yourself for under $50 in an afternoon or two.

    • How else are you going to brag about how much money you can throw at other people to do that for you?

      • Soulfinger

        That’s what Forge World is for. Man, to have $400 to throw around. I could hire a cadre of starving university art students.

    • estrus

      Priced accordingly for the 40k crowd.

    • dreamspirit

      Hi, thanks for your opinion, I get your point, and I will immediately lower the price of the terrain set. Also, bear in mind that the free shipping worldwide is also included in the price. We’re making terrain pieces for 10 years, but we are in this business three and a half years, so I really doubt that you can make this in the ”afternoon or two”. The surface maybe, but all hand made carvings, detailing and painting? If you can, I’d like to hire you 😉
      Every terrain piece in the set is completely hand made, carved with exacto knife, which takes a lot of talent, time, patience and commitment. Also, each and every one of our commissions is made to be unique and according to wishes of our clients, which you can see from the product showcase gallery on our website.

      The thing that actually bothers me is that people will more often critic in a negative tone. Here on TGN, we put out a lot of display boards that are some of the most unique and atmospheric displays on the web. Yet they all went off without a comment. But with this one it was a wrong price…

      Best regards to everyone, and sorry for the long answer.


      P.S. the board is a donation for the ETC that will be in Serbia this year, so I hope to see you there 😉

      • Soulfinger

        Word. Looking at your other stuff, yes, there are positive things to say about your work. If you take a look at my track record on this site though, you’ll see that about 85-90% of my comments are pure . . . what did that one guy call it, awesome “kewl,” bleeding edge “sarcasm,” or something like that (maybe phrased in a less flattering way, but hey, that’s what narcissism is for, right?). Regardless of any criticism, if you’ve been making a living at this for three years then more power to you. Enjoy the gratification of laughing in our faces as you bathe in your piles of money, Scrooge McDuck-style. Hats off, high five, and all of that.

        Personally, I don’t feel that this board is up to snuff with your other offerings, nor would I pay more than $50 for it, because in this case, yes, I think it can be done in one or two afternoons with a sheet of blue board, cans of black and gray paint, and a neon green Montana spray can. I count eight terrain fixtures (one of which is a plain rectangle on top of a slightly larger rectangle) on a flat board, done up with three colors of paint. I think it is great that you do all of the work by hand with a craft blade. For me, detail work goes very quickly embossing with a ballpoint pen, using a dremel tool, and/or a hot knife, but I’m not making a living at it.

        Anyways, the true gold standard for comparison is what I could get if I applied the same money to comparable products. For me, that would be a sheet of blue board, the aforementioned paints, two afternoons of my time, and then a Games Workshop Fortress of Redemption, Shrine of The Aquila, Imperial Bastion, Sanctum Imperialis, Basilica Administratum, AND Skyshield Landing Pad.