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DreamForge-Games Stage 2 shipping. Retail release in November

DreamForge-Games has started shipping out their Stage 2 Kickstarter releases.
And soon... oh so very soon... I will get a Leviathan Mortis. Yes. It shall be mine.


From the update:

Stage two is shipping!

Most customers in the Pacific Rim countries have already received their goodies. Wargames factory kindly footed the air bill to get the backers their items ASAP. They are also shipping stage 1 and 2 to those customers with stage three items who chose ship when complete for all their items! Thank you WGF!

The air shipment has arrived in Utah and Wargames Factory has begun shipping to overseas customers, followed shortly by domestic orders. The entire shipping process will likely take five days.

A cargo container for non Kickstarter backers (retail release) is on the water and expected early to mid November.