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DreamForge-Games Previews Eisenkern Command Squad

DreamForge-Games has their Eisenkern troopers boxes available, but a trooper without good leadership is not going to be anywhere near as effective. As such, they're coming out with their new Eisenkern Command Squad set. But it's not just command, there's other additions to your possible Eisenkern units that are also in this box set.

To start off with, you have the Platoon Commander. Underneath him (in rank, not literally) you have the Platoon Sergeant. To make sure everyone knows what's going on, there's a Communications Officer that comes with a signal relay and Cargo MULE. There's also a Forward Observer Team with designator, signal relay, and another Cargo MULE. What the FO sees, the two Sniper Teams (consisting of a Sniper and Spotter) can take it out. Finally, in case of return fire (or if anyone twists an angle or stubs a toe), there's the Medic with specialized Triage MULE.