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DreamForge-Games preview Storm Troopers

DreamForge-Games have posted a preview of their upcoming 32mm and 15mm Storm Troopers. Storm Troopers From their announcement:
I hope to go to print and production with the 32mm and possibly the 15mm scale versions of the Kriegsmarine drop troopers and the Wehrmacht Stormtroopers in time for the holiday season. I am just adding more details and finalizing poses before sending them out to print. The 32mm scale figs will be multi part and have separate arms and heads. I will also release an accessory pack that will contain more arm poses such as grenade tossing, pointing, arm raised in a halt, etc. along with detail items such as pistol holsters, ammo packs, combat knifes and so on. The 15mm scale will be one piece figs due to their size.