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DreamForge-Games is hiring

DreamForge-Games is looking for a few good gamers. Are you one of them that can join their team?

From the website:

DreamForge-Games is a small company located in California, we produce plastic miniatures for the tabletop gaming industry.

I started DreamForge-Games about twelve years ago with an eye to do something I enjoy and break my ties to the corporate grind. It has been a slow and sometimes tumultuous process but I have always approached this career choice with a passion. It is important to me to find individuals that share the same passion for what they do. In my humble opinion, you must enjoy what you are doing or the end result will not be equal to your potential.

As we step out into the gaming community with a larger number of products and begin to fully develop Iron Core the game, it becomes essential to form new relationships and contacts with other talented individuals.

With this in mind, I wanted to reach out to those who may be interested in working with me on a wide variety of subjects and disciplines.