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Dream Pod 9 updates about Heavy Gear Blitz shipping

Dream Pod 9 has secured EU-friendly shipping options for their Heavy Gear Blitz Kickstarter campaign.


From the announcement:

We just added a graphic to the front page to let everyone know that the plastic miniatures for this Kickstarter will be made in the USA. And that the Kickstarter is United Kingdom and European Union Friendly.

Dream Pod 9 has arranged for Wayland Games in the UK to act as our forwarder for UK and EU Backer reward shipments. All UK and EU Backer rewards will be packed up at our office in Canada, with Backer address labels on the packages. They will all ship out in our 4th wave of shipping as a large consolidated air freight shipment to Wayland Games in the UK, who with then mail out all the packages to our Backers. By doing this our UK and EU Backers will not have to worry about any VAT costs. If a UK or EU Backer with an earlier shipping wave pledge or the Heavy Gear Universe pledge level does not wish to wait for the wave 4 shipping, they just need to inform us. We'll ship the rewards package to them directly in the selected wave and they will be responsible for the VAT costs when it arrives.

Our 3D Modeler is busy working on the Spitting Cobra, Cheetah and Iguana models now. As he gets them finished up over the next several week, we'll get you all updates to show how they are looking. After that he'll move on the CEF models that have been unlocked and then on to the other stretch goals that get unlocked. He took a bit of time the other day to make a MHT-95 Hovertank turn around video, which I have posted below for you to checkout.

Help us get the news out to friends in the UK and European Union.

Thank you all!