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Dream Pod 9 shows off March releases

Dream Pod 9 gives us a look at some slick new models they're releasing in March. They're really cool, so check 'em out!

From the update:

We have two new release for March, both reinforcements for your NuCoal armies. Chasseur Paratrooper Two Pack (DP9-9261, $20.75) and Jerboa Paratrooper Two Pack (DP9-9262, $20.75) miniature kits are now available to allow you to add Airborne Squads to your NuCoal army. Airborne squads can also include the Cuirassier released previously.

These designs augment the standard jump jet equipped Chasseur and Jerboa with air brakes, chassis reinforcements, and parachute attachment points to make the designs airdroppable.

Both are available now from the Dream Pod 9 online store.