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Dream Pod 9 releases new NuCoal models

Dream Pod 9 has posted up new February releases for the NuCoal including the Armadillo Beast with Rider Squad Pack and Espion Two Pack.

From their site:

Dream Pod 9 has two new Heavy Gear Blitz miniature releases ready to ship this week. The Armadillo Beast with Rider Squad Pack (DP9-9260, 3 resin and pewter minis, 3 round 40mm bases, $30.00) and the Espion Two Pack (DP9-9257, 2 pewter minis, extra weapons, 2 hex bases, $20.75) for the NuCoal faction. Both are now available to order in the NuCoal section of the Dream Pod 9 Online Store.

Armadillo Beast with Rider Squad Pack (DP9-9260, $30.00)

The forces of NuCoal have brought back the use of cavalry to move soldiers around the battlefield. The Armadillo Beast is a fierce Terra Novan creature that is capable of moving at great speeds and can pierce Gear armor with its massive tusks.

Espion Two Pack (DP9-9257, $20.75)

NuCoal's Commando Squads rely on the Espion as their Gear of choice. The standard configuration carries a Medium Rifle and Light Rocket Pack with hand grenades and a vibroblade for support, but variants swap these weapons to include Fragmentation Cannons, Light Grenade Launchers, and Heavy Gatling Laser Cannons to allow the squad to pack a punch when it uses the design's stealth features to allow it to strike with surprise.