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Dream Pod 9 posts September releases

Dream Pod 9 talks about what they've got set up for September.

This box set of Heavy Gear 15 mm scale resin terrain contains a complete
Badlands Outpost Base. Including all the buildings and pieces shown above (1
Badlands Outpost, 1 Badlands Housing Module, 1 Badlands Tower, 1 Solar
Panel, 1 Water Condenser, & 2 Twin Water Tanks). Models are compatible with
other Heavy Gear minis and terrain products such as the Defense Turret Two
Pack, Destroyed Hunter or Jager Packs and the Stone Heads Packs.

Heavy Gear Badlands Outpost Set

Box Set of 7 resin model buildings, assembly & painting required.

DP9-9271.........$99.95 USD

Also there are more Jungle Bases.