Dream Pod 9 March Update

Dream Pod 9 have posted information about their March 2010 new releases.

From their website:

We are busy finishing up our first eBook exclusive release entitled Operation: Drop Bears Dive! (DP9-9175, eBook, Full Color, 60 pages, $15.00 special initial release price) and it should be ready to go on sale in the coming days on the DriveThruRPG website. Right after that its on to the last few details for the Terra Nova Gambit: The War for Terra Nova Book 2 (DP9-9155c, Softcover, Full Color version, 54 pages $30.00) which will be out in April.

Dream Pod 9 has decided to do a few Patches this year and the first is now available to order in the Online Store. The first release will be the Black Talon Patch (DP9-P001, $5.00 each), which measures 3 5/8″ tall from top to bottom points, also shown in a hand for size.

This weeks featured product, shown at the top of the left menu buttons, is the North Hunter Commando Two Pack (DP9-9111) which is only $17.24 this week (from Friday, March 5th to Thursday night, March 11th). We added the weekly featured product special (DP9 Online Store orders only) to DP9 Website and Online Store at the start of the year, that receives a special 9% off discount.