Dream Pod 9 April releases and news

Dream Pod 9 have posted details of their Heavy Gear releases for April.

From their website:

This months release includes Terra Nova Gambit – The War for Terra Nova Book 2 (DP9-9155c, 54 Full Color pages, $30.00), which started shipping on the 2nd. Plus two new miniatures and a new decal pack, first for the North is the Dingo Two Pack (DP9-9180, 2 Dingos, extra weapons and datacards, $29.95), checkout a picture of the Dingo in a Hanger. Then for the South we have the Silverscale Two Pack (DP9-9177, 2 Silverscales, datacards, $18.95), check out some pictures of the Silverscale, Rear View and with a Basilisk and Naga. Plus for Eden and Utopia the Eden & Utopia Decal Pack (DP9-9189, decals, $5.95). These are available now to order on the online store and will all start shipping this Friday, April 16th. We’ll also have a special treat for everyone on next Fridays update.

Our first Exclusive eBook Only Release entitled Operation: Drop Bears Dive! (DP9-9175), will be available later this month on DriveThruRPG, as soon as the last minis needed for the photos are finished painting.