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Dream Pod 9 announces new edition of Heavy Gear Blitz coming in 2015

Dream Pod 9 has announced that they'll be coming out with a new edition of Heavy Gear Blitz that will be coming out in 2015.


From the announcement:

Dream Pod 9 is announcing development of a new edition consolidated core tabletop wargaming rulebook for Heavy Gear. The full Beta rules will be released as a free e-book and b&w printed booklet in Summer 2014. The full color new edition core rulebook (both electronic and printed editions) will follow in early 2015.

The new rulebook will consolidate all the rules and complete army lists for all factions into one book for the first time and will introduce concepts for speeding up game play and simplifying army selection. Rules updates will be determined through an Alpha development phase which players are invited to participate in. The Alpha test period will occur between January and June, 2014. Support for the Alpha and Beta rules will be via a development webpage with a blog and weekly updates. The Dream Pod 9 forum will host playtester feedback and discussion in a special section to be announced.

The future for Heavy Gear will be the new edition consolidated core rulebook containing the storyline, rules, and core army lists for all factions currently available. The vast array of Heavy Gear armies will continue to be supported and expanded within the new standardized army construction rules system. Heavy Gear players will be able to participate directly in future development through playtesting, design competitions, and collaborative army design committees.

The recently released Blood Debt - Peace River Army List and forthcoming Northern Army List (early 2014) e-books only exclusives for Heavy Gear Blitz will allow all current players of HGB not involved in Alpha development to continue to enjoy playing until the new rules are released in 2015. Material from the originally planned printed books will be incorporated into the new edition rulebook.
The Heavy Gear universe will continue to expand with new miniature releases, re-sculpts, and the continuation of the storyline.

We need the participation of all Heavy Gear fans to help us develop the most fun mecha combat tabletop wargame available. We can’t make it happen without you and your enthusiasm in getting friends involved and bringing the game to your local stores and gaming groups.

Robert Dubois
President Dream Pod 9