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Dreadfleet Review

Quickworthy has posted up the review of Dreadfleet.

From their announcement:

Well I’ve given you my initial impressions on opening the box, and gone through building the ships. What happened when I got it on the table?

This is a review of the game rules and gameplay based on a single game of the first scenario which just uses one ship per side (though they are the flagships and there are also auxiliaries – small ships and monsters). I’ve arranged another game with all 10 ships in a few days and I’ll write that up too. Most of Dreadfleet’s scenarios play with more than one ship a side, so this was just to go through the rules and get our heads round it. Oh, and rather than stop when we should have done (when one ship has 8 damage on it) we carried on till one sank. Just call us bloodthirsty lunatics.