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Dreadfleet Exclusive Full Turn Look

Games Workshop has posted an exclusive first look into a full turn of Dreadfleet.

From their announcment:

All this week, the web team are holding Master Helmsman (and Dreadfleet designer) Phil Kelly captive in the web office brig in order to extract every last Dreadfleet detail from his dastardly mind. Today we continue our interrogation and demand to learn more about Dreadfleet's gameplay. What is a boarding action? What does a ship's Broadside value mean? How do Command rolls work?

He's a savvy sea-dog, and avoided a keel-hauling by agreeing to reveal all. Rather than simply tell us the answers to our questions, he challenged us to a game. If he wins, he earns his freedom. If we win...well, let's be honest we already win just by getting to play Dreadfleet early!