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DreadBall's about to get a whole lot more violent

Mantic has announced that they'll start taking orders for DreadBall Xtreme starting this Friday in their webshop. This new version of DreadBall doesn't have fouls or Referees, and is played not in the glamorous arenas, but instead in the back alleys and warehouses out of the public eye (don't want the cops coming in and shutting the game down before it's over).
The starter will come with two teams and everything you need to play right away.


From the website:

On Friday 23rd January 2015 you’ll be able place pre-orders for DreadBall Xtreme from your local stockist or the Mantic Games website.

With a focus on violence and carnage, DreadBall Xtreme takes the simple mechanics of DreadBall and twists them together to create something altogether more unruly!

Gameplay Features

- 2-player miniatures sport game for ages 10 and up. The average game time is 60 minutes.
- Brutal Action: No referees and no fouls makes this the deadliest DreadBall yet!
- Dangerous Environments: Play ball in abandoned warehouses and improvised arenas out of sight of the law, with pitches littered with concealed traps and explosive crates!
- Illicit Sponsors: Assume the role of Sponsor and bet, intimidate and threaten your way to victory!
- Blood Money: Create a bespoke team of your own choosing, from convicted criminals, alien Kalyshi and money-grabbing Free Agents.

DreadBall Xtreme contains two match-ready Convict and Asterian Kalyshi teams with prone figures as well as a selection of Free Agents, coloured hex bases to easily tell teams apart, 48-page Rulebook, Sabotage and Special Move Card Deck, Counter Sheet, and 14 Dice.

Find out more on Friday 23rd January!