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DreadBall Xtreme Website Now Live, Looking for Helpers

Mantic has launched their DreadBall Xtreme website and they're looking for people interested in helping out. Do you have match reports? Send 'em in. Do you have strategy or tactics articles? Send 'em in. Painting guides? Send 'em in.
Expect a review of the game here on TGN in the coming weeks.


From the announcement:

The new DreadBall Xtreme website is now live! This website is a central hub for fans across the world, where you can discover more about the game and the universe, learn how to paint your models, play the game and join in with the DreadBall Xtreme community.

We’re building these sites for each system, and will continue to develop, add new content and host them, but these platforms are for you guys and girls. Our hope is that you will help us populate it with more great stuff, and ultimately run the website yourselves.

We're looking for articles, match reports, videos or simply just pictures of your DreadBall Xtreme teams. If you have something you want to submit, get in touch with

We're looking for volunteers to help run the site, including curating content and keeping the site fresh. Get in touch with if you are interested in being an Admin!