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DreadBall Team Expansions available to pre-order from Mantic

Mantic has started taking orders for their DreadBall Team Expansion packs with new poses, positions and prone markers.


From the announcement:

Want to add some variety to your Corporation team? The Trontek 29ers Team Booster contains nine new DreadBall miniatures, including a Keeper and two Prone players. There are also new sculpts for your Strikers, Guards and Jacks, meaning you can now send six uniquely-posed players into the arena!

What's more, they're not the only Team Booster available! We're releasing boosters for all DreadBall Season 1 and 2 teams - such as the Void Sirens, who get plenty of extra Jacks - ideal for making use of their Run Interference ability...

The DreadBall Team Boosters are now available to pre-order, and will begin shipping on 7th October.