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DreadBall Season 3 goes up for pre-order from Mantic Games

Mantic has started taking tickets, err... orders for their Season 3 of DreadBall models.

From the announcement:

DreadBall Season 3 is now available for pre-order!

The first season of DreadBall brought the Galaxy’s Greatest Sport to your tabletop and a host of characterful MVPs and Teams to your painting stations. Along came Season 2, introducing new players, new rules, coaching staff and cheerleaders to the fray.

Now, it’s the turn of DreadBall Season 3 – and things are getting big!

Introducing massive new tri-hex miniatures called Giants, four new teams - Teratons, Nameless, Asterians and Zees - plus three new MVPs, Season 3 also includes rules for DreadBall Ultimate - a mental new multi-team way of playing.

Find out more on the Mantic Games Blog!!