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DreadBall reaches for Ultimate goal

DreadBall has been working their way up the ladder rather quickly these last few days. They're currently staring down the barrel of $500k when they'll unleash DreadBall Ultimate.

From the update:

Ultimate DreadBall is the second expansion to the core ruleset. In short – it’s more teams and more MVPs, rules for bigger arenas, 4 player options and Multi-hex giant Robots of awesomeness! Check out Jake’s fantastic post over on Quirkworthy for more details!

When we started this kickstarter creating Ultimate DreadBall seemed impossible – now it is within touching distance! With your help it’s going to happen!

At $500,000 – the Ultimate DreadBall Ruleset and Board become a reality. We'll chain Jake to his desk and get him to create the most advanced set of rules to challenge even the best coaches in the game.

If we reach this stretch goal we will be able to produce the DreadBall Ultimate Expansion Rulebook – and give you a digital copy in every pledge level!