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DreadBall makes it over $400k on Kickstarter

DreadBall has made it over $400k in funding over on Kickstarter. So there's a new dwarf MVP available. The next goals are for the next team to be released and then a new MVP for that race: the Asterians.

From the update:

An incredible 4 weeks have passed and we’re into the home stretch – there are just 6 days left to go until the end of the DreadBall Kickstarter!

So far you’ve enabled us create 4 new teams, 14 MVPs as well as the Season Two expansion. This expansion book (which will be available as a printed copy) will be released next year with the miniatures to ensure thorough playtesting and balance. It’ll build on top of the DreadBall Rulebook, adding in the stats for the new teams and all of the new MVPs, as well as the rules for the in-game effects of both the Cheerleaders and Coach models.

With a week to go, we’re to mix it up with plenty of new stuff as well as the conclusion to Season 1 and 2 – and we've still got lots of BIG things to come!