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DreadBall Kick-Off is now shipping from Mantic

Mantic has started shipping out their DreadBall Kick-Off boxes to those that'd ordered their copies early.

From the announcement:

New for March, DreadBall Kick-Off is a new Board Game version of the Galaxy’s Greatest Sport!

Kick-Off contains two starter teams, board and counters as well as a pocket-sized rulebook that focuses on all of the basic actions such as moving and scoring that you’ll need to play the game. It also contains all of the dice and counters you need to play.

So, after the incredible launch of the hobby edition of DreadBall in November, why KickOff?

Kick-Off is a great way of introducing new players to the game and teaching them the basics – and once they’ve got them they can add on the new Extra Time pack so they can learn how to use the Referee and the Cards!

We also appreciate that in these times it’s sometimes difficult to find £50 to slap down on a new game, even one has fun and frantic as DreadBall, so KickOff has been designed especially to sit at a lower price of £29.99 make it more affordable and easier to get into the DreadBall hobby - meaning more coaches to play against!

We're pleased to say that DreadBall Kick-Off and the Extra Time Upgrade Pack are now shipping - get yours here!