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DreadBall hits major $250K Kickstarter milestone

DreadBall has made it past $250k over on Kickstarter and added a whole bunch of minis to many of their funding levels.

From the campaign:The DreadBall kickstarter has hit a major milestone and has broken through a quarter of a million dollars.

As a massive thank you to all of our backers we’ve added up to 12 models to our pledge levels, including 9 to our Jack ($100) level and 12 into Striker ($150), making them worth over $200 and $300 respectively.

The Kickstarter has now entered it’s final two weeks and with more teams, coaches, cheerleaders and expansion still planned, there’s plenty more to play for, and plenty more free stuff to add in.

Please support DreadBall on Kickstarter and make this a reality!