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DreadBall Extreme Kickstarter coming

Mantic has posted up this teaser video for their upcoming DreadBall Extreme Kickstarter. It's just a little over a day away from launch.


From the preview:

It’s nearly time – DreadBall Xtreme is just around the corner! Xtreme is DreadBall’s evil twin, a nasty, underground sport that’s easy on the rules and heavy on the violence.

Teams duke it out across a cluttered makeshift arena, ducking past stacks of crates and hazardous equipment to score Strikes while bloodthirsty fans cheer from the sidelines. Wealthy Sponsors bring players together with promises of fame and wealth or threats of pain and death.

DreadBall Xtreme is a whole new standalone game which builds on the basic DreadBall rules to give players a whole new experience, both in pick-up-and-play games and leagues – and it’s coming to Kickstarter this week!

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