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Drakon Now Available from Fantasy Flight Games

Wakey-wakey sleepy dragon. Adventurers are trying to steal your gold! That's the idea in Drakon, the latest edition of which is available now from Fantasy Flight Games. Players are looking to grab 10 gold worth of loot from the dragon's horde and make it back out alive. Meanwhile, Drakon stalks the halls of her labyrinth, looking to catch those heroes in order to get back her gold and send the hero running out the door.

On a player's turn, they can either play a tile from their hand, expanding the labyrinth, or they can move their hero. Sure, playing a tile gives you more options and places to go inside the dungeon, but that won't let you find the gold you need in order to win the game. That only comes from moving. Most dungeon rooms have a special ability on them. Those vary from things like moving the tile to another place, moving Drakon around inside her dungeon, stealing a tile from another player, and (arguably most importantly) getting you a coin. Coins are worth 1-3 gold each. The value of the pieces are kept secret from other players, so nobody knows exactly how much gold you have. So the race is on to find that treasure and make it back out again in one piece.