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Drakerys closing in on the elves

Don't Panic Games is getting closer to unlocking the Elves factions for Drakerys. They've posted up what the pledge levels will be like for when they are added to the campaign.



From the campaign:

Drakerys is about to unlock elves and they decided to present the pledge levels they were going to open with the arrival of the Avaren Elves.
- A 60$ pledge will offer an army box and a unit box for elves, on the model of what they did for the Orks and Irosia.
- A brand new pledge level, valued $265 (according to some math done with the add-ons values) will be available as an early bird at $235 and then at $250.
-Elemental 5 gets all the elves for free.
- All elves products will be available as add-ons.