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Drake releases new Southern Dragon Stretch

Action Games Miniatures makes it through some more stretch goals over on Kickstarter for their Drake II Kickstarter project.


From the update:

Stretch Details:
$82K - Crotalis - The Sand Viper of Death - Shi Nation - Dragon - Pledge $39

Only a few of these terrifying beast have awoken, and each one of them brings fear and doom. The southern Shaka Dragons moved quickly to appease these creatures, who competed with them for food and resources in the old world. Surprisingly they took to the Shaka's plan of alliance and war quickly, most think too quickly... The Crotalis are nearly impossible to strike in combat, their shifting coils move with blinding speed. They posses the most potent venom of the Dragon races, with a bite capable of stopping a mountain Dragon in his tracks. While they do not have the diplomatic touch of the Shaka, they lead their human "allies" effectively, and strike with might against the enemies of the south.