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Dragonborne Card Game Coming This August

Bushiroad has announced that they'll be coming out with a new CCG this August. Dragonborne lets players take on the role of, well, a Dragonborne. They're individuals that have been given great power by one of the 5 Great Dragon Lords. You'll be the representative of your land and your Dragon Lord. Fight against your opponents and see who is the mightiest of them all.

From the announcement:
One roll of the dice may alter your fate in Bushiroad’s first English exclusive trading card game, “Dragoborne –Rise to Supremacy–“. This 4th of August, with an emphasis on unique mechanics that involve the strategic use of dice within gameplay, Dragoborne –Rise to Supremacy– invites fans of the high fantasy genre to step into a world of warring nations and tactical maneuvers.

In this two player game, players are to assume the role of a Dragoborne, beings granted power from one of the five reigning Dragolords, who bear their nation’s allegiances and vie with other Dragoborne for honor and glory.

Each player controls three forts that represent their life total. The aim of the game is to destroy all of the opponent’s forts and to achieve this, players can summon fearsome creatures and cast powerful spells to aid their cause. Die values also play a significant part in Dragoborne –Rise to Supremacy–, making the skillful manipulation and usage of dice a key component of gameplay.

Apart from Bushiroad, Mike Elliott, game designer for prominent games such as “Dice Masters” and “Thunderstone”, designed the game system of Dragoborne –Rise to Supremacy– . Notable collaborations also include Yuhodo, a longtime partner of Bushiroad on “Weiss Schwarz” and “Cardfight!! Vanguard” for story and development, Sanzigen, the team behind animation titles such as “009 Re: Cyborg” and “Arpeggio of Blue Steel –ARS NOVA–“ as well as animation director, Shingo Natsume of One Punch Man fame to helm the Dragoborne promotional videos.