Dragonblood Soldiers of Fortune from Cavalcade

GastonCavalcade Wargames have added the Soldiers of Fortune to their Dragonblood fantasy range.

From their announcement:
We are pleased to release the Dragonblood Soldiers of Fortune faction for the Songs of ShadowSea ruleset. This release includes the following Dragonblood models that were available only for a short time:
•DBM051 – Panchito Panzon – $4.99
•DBM052 – Paco the Cutpurse – $4.99
•DBM053 – Armando del Sol – $4.99
•DBM054 – Friedrich, Mercenary Leader – $4.99
•DBM059 – Gaston de Lune – $8.99

Please note that we were able to drop the price on several of these models, thereby allowing larger armies to be more affordable. Please note our new lower international shipping rates.

The Dragonblood Songs of ShadowSea miniatures are produced for play with Ganesha Games’ Songs of ShadowSea rulebook. Songs of ShadowSea is a tactical miniatures game set in a sunless world, lost to history until seekers of fortune ventured into the nighted depths to confront the rulers of the ancient seas and guardians of forgotten relics. Game sessions can be simple and quick, taking less than an hour, or can be linked to grand campaigns, where warbands quest for lost artifacts across a sunless ocean with myriad islands, forests of towering fungal trees, and ruined cities infested with hungry creatures.

Cavalcade Wargames is a wargaming company that produces high-quality 28mm miniatures for wargamers, painters, modelers and collectors. Among the ranges we produce are Ming Chinese, Wako Pirates, Somali Pirates, French and Indian War, and Fantasy Armies of the Far East. We also distribute Kingsford Miniatures in the U.S.