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Dragon War - Riders of Ashara up on Kickstarter

In the mythical world of Ashara, dragons are a relatively common sight soaring through the sky. Having been domesticated long ago, they are used for all sorts of tasks. Some are bred for hauling cargo. Some are pets for the wealthy. But, being such vicious creatures, they're also bred for war, and the nine human factions all have dragon rider forces at their disposal. You will play as a general of one of these armies and send your forces out to crush your enemies in Dragon War - Riders of Ashara, the new fantasy miniatures skirmish game from Artisan Games.

Dragon War - Riders of Ashara features numerous dragons, all of varying capabilities, and riders, also of varying capabilities, letting you create highly-customizable forces of riders and dragons. Though it's not just dragons and riders (though they're the "flashy" part of your force, for certain). There are also ground troops, siege engines (some designed specifically to deal with dragons), and the Goliaths (massive giants who love nothing more than slapping dragons out of the sky).

The game seats from 1-4 players and can be played head-to-head or in a cooperative mode, with several different variations within those two styles as well. You can either play single battles, or play one of the many scenarios, or engage in the campaign mode.


The campaign is set to run for another 23 days.