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Dragon Slayer by Indie Boards & Cards Guest Review by Rodger Moore on Club Fantasci

Club Fantasci got themselves a guest reviewer in the form of Rodger Moore and gets his thoughts on Dragon Slayer by Indie Boards & Cards.

Dragon Slayer


From the post:

A thick mist is before you as you approach. You hear a low guttural rumble beyond the fog. Gripping your shield and axe you press forward but you are not afraid as you know what lies ahead – You are a Dragon Slayer! In the game Dragon Slayer you play the role of a warrior trying to defeat various types of dragons with the ultimate goal being crowned the master slayer. You must reach far and wide in your search for the dragons you must defeat but even though you may become victorious in your adventure your fellow companions may challenge you to keep fighting on!

To win the game you must be the slayer that accumulates 40 points but also allowing the other players to complete one more round to perhaps tie or catch your score. Ties are resolved by players completing another round to determine the winner.